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These Squeaky Clean Keto Challenge Workout Plans consist of 4 weeks of workout plans for both beginner and intermediate levels to be done during the SCKC.  Using these workout plans is completely optional, but recommended for best results!

While we’re all trying to establish new eating patterns for better health in 2019, I figured we might as well be focus on improving our overall fitness as well!  With that in mind, my capable assistant Stacey has put together these SCKC workout plans for you to incorporate into your daily routine this month!

If you’re feeling lousy and all you can manage is to clean up your diet, no need to put extra pressure on yourself to complete these plans.  However, we have tried to make the beginner one pretty easy for those of us who have gotten a little too friendly with our couches lately and need to work up to the harder stuff.

For those of you that have maintained a basic level of fitness already, you might want to try the Intermediate workout plans and possibly add more reps to make it challenging enough for you.  OR you might have a solid workout plan of your own already established, in which case good for you and keep it up!  🙌


SCKC Workout Plans – Terms & Moves Explained

Ok in case you’re like me and some of these seem intimidating (or you just have no idea what a mountain climber or ab bike is,) I’m providing some links to tutorials on how to execute them properly!

Be sure to check in to our awesome Squeaky Clean Keto Challenge Facebook Group for support, and if you’re doing the workout plans you can post in the daily thread that you’ve completed the daily workout for accountability and kudos from the rest of us!

SCKC Workout Plans – Beginner Level

Download PDF for SCKC Workout Plan Intermediate – Week 3

Download PDF for SCKC Workout Plan Intermediate – Week 4



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