The 5 Best Weight Loss Workout Plans For Women

Are you ready to finally slim down, tone up and lose some weight? The best part of getting active is how you’ll feel though! We’ll outline the best weight loss workout plans for women below. You can do all of these at home too!

But before we dig into workouts – you have to know exercise is only a part of weight loss.

We can kill ourselves with working out and never lose a pound if we’re not also watching what we eat. If you want to lose weight, you’ll also need to adopt healthy eating habits.

Each weight loss workout plan I’ll share includes a nutrition plan with them. I also love Joy Bauer’s 90/10 Diet, 2B Mindset and clean eating.

By tracking your food, or at least having a healthy diet in place, you’ll create a calorie deficit which is needed to lose weight.

Need more help with eating healthy? Check out our Healthy Eating Guide!

You should also always talk to your doctor before starting a new workout or nutrition plan.

With that said – let’s dig into the best weight loss workout plans that you can do right at home!

How often do you need to workout to lose weight?

The ACSM recommends you get 150 – 250 minutes per week of moderate intensity exercise to lose weight. 

This breaks down to about 30 minutes a day 5 a week or three 45-minute workouts per week. This is a great place to start as a beginner, and you can build up to the 250 minute mark. 

Weight Loss Workout Plan At Home

We highly suggest the 21 Day Fix as the best weight loss workout plan for beginners. It’s 30-minutes a day, and each day of the week is a different type of exercise.

This keeps your body challenged and seeing results in as little as 3 weeks! (Weight loss in 1 week!)

It also includes a very simple to use nutrition plan with portion control containers! You’ll love how simple it is to use, and you can still have up to 3 treats a week!

Weight Loss Workout Plan for Intermediate to Advanced Exercisers

T25 is 25 minutes a day, and it’s a little more challenging than the 21 Day Fix. It’s broken down into two 4-week phases to keep your weight loss from plateauing.

This workout is mostly cardio and conditioning drills so keep that in mind when you’re choosing a workout.

Core de Force is a mixed martial arts workout ranging from 15 to 45 minutes a day. You do a mix of cardio, HIIT training and strength using your own body weight.

It’s also a great program to tone your midsection!

Transform 20 is going to be a step up from T25. It’s going to be similar moves, but now you’re adding in a workout step for a harder challenge.

This workout is only 20 minutes a day (6x a week) though. So if you struggle to workout, this could be a great, quick option!

You can also do it without the step as a modifier.

Why did we choose these workouts?

What about strength training?

While we love strength training workouts like LIIFT4, we chose to focus on workouts that are bound to get your heart rate pumping every-single-workout.

This helps you increase your calorie deficit and see more of a weight loss. However, your heart rate will go up with lifting weights too – so if you like strength training go for it!

We love LIIFT4 for strength because it’s 30-40 minutes 4 days a week!

Working Out for Weight Loss FAQs

We get asked these 4 questions all the time. So we’ve decided to include them in the weight loss workout plans series!

What exercise burns the most belly fat?

You can never spot train fat. You can work your core and do sit-ups, but that’s just going to make those muscles stronger.

In order to see a lean, flat belly, you’ll need to work out and eat healthy consistently. Even then, you may see other body parts improving faster.

This is because we all hold our weight in different areas, and our bodies can’t put a calorie deficit into one place.

With that said, with healthy eating habits and exercise, you’re going to see your whole body get leaner, slimmer and tighter! Don’t give up!

How often do you need to workout to lose weight?

It really depends on the workout. While the ACSM recommends 150-250 minutes a week, it doesn’t specify if you’re drench in sweat during those minutes or just walking the block.

If you want to do a short 20-30 minute workout, you’re going to have to push yourself harder than a 60-minute workout to see similar results.

We highly suggest a heart rate monitor like a FitBit to track your heart rate and activity levels.

Remember – exercise is only part of the equation. If you using one of the programs above, it’ll include a workout calendar to follow and nutrition plan. Following both of those will help you lose weight and see results faster!

Is it OK to work out every day?

You can exercise daily, but you don’t want to overtrain. So you don’t want to work the same muscle groups every day if you’re lifting weights or doing crunches.
You also want to give your body time to recover and get ready to go for your next workout. So while you can workout every day, we recommend at least 1 rest day a week.

How long will it take to see weight loss results?

Weight loss can vary from person to person, but a good pace of weight loss is 1-2 lbs per week.

You may physically notice your body changing in just as little as 1-2 weeks, and others typically start noticing 4-6 weeks into your weight loss.

We recommend giving yourself 1-3 months to see significant changes in your weight and results.

4 Tips to Get the Most From Your Weight Loss Workout Plan

We offer a 21 Day Challenge to kickstart your results, as well as, a year-round support group! We’d love to have you join us!

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